Is Lint Eviction® insured?

Yes, We carry a $2 million general liability insurance policy and can provide documentation upon request. If a third party contractor is hired, Lint Eviction® requires proof of all required insurances before any work is performed.


Why does Lint Eviction® use a brushless system?


It's the most safe and effective way for your ducting to be cleaned. Prior to 2002 there was no building code in place that required home builders to install hard duct lines in their homes. Due to this, some homes systems are completely comprised of plastic or flexible ducting which can and will be torn by a brush.

Are Lint Eviction® technicians trained?

All of our technicians go through extensive one on one, on the job training. As a company, Lint Eviction® also evolves our services and approach with continued education through our membership with The National Fire Protection Association. NFPA is the leading global advocate for the elimination of death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.

How often should I have my full system cleaned?

Based on research and reports provided by The National Fire Protection Association your system should be serviced annually.  Over the course of 12 months enough lint will build up in all parts of your dryer system to create a fire hazard.

How long does your service take to be performed?

Great question! Our number one goal is fire prevention. We feel to accomplish this we have to be as meticulous in our service approach as possible. This is why our standard service takes between 1.5-2hrs and is a full system cleaning. We know that just cleaning parts of your system simply isn't effective at eliminating the fire hazards caused by lint.  

Can Lint Eviction® repair my system?

Yes, We can repair or replace any part of your system that is damaged or does not comply with current building codes. All system repairs or replacement suggestions are always discussed with you before work is completed. We can also make suggestions on licensed and insured appliance repair technicians if your dryer itself isn't functioning properly. 

Does Lint Eviction® clean HVAC ducting?

No, we only service dryer ducting systems. 

Can I have a Lint Eviction® representative speak at an upcoming event?

Absolutely! Through client interaction and testimonials we have found that educating the public on the fire hazards caused by lint is a top priority. Additionally, We be believe it is very important for clients to understand how having their 

full system cleaned is the only approach to lint hazard elimination. 


"After owning our home for two years my wife and I decided to have our dryer duct line cleaned. After contacting several companies, Lint Eviction was the only company offering full length duct line lint removal. They were on time, professional and utilized a process that was safe for our system. Give them a call, you will be glad you did."

​ John S. / Oak Island, NC


"Wow! Can't say enough good things about Mike (Technician) and Lint Eviction. Called to have my dryer vent cleaned out. Mike arrived as schedule and proceeded to discover the dryer was not vented to the outside. After much investigation, he was able to find the problem and installed a vent to the outside (don't know how the house passed at least 3 home inspections). Would definitely recommend this service to anyone with a clothes dryer."

​ Betty R. / Southport, NC

"Lint Eviction came to our house on Oak Island and I definitely recommend using this service. They communicated with me by phone, kept me updated as to their arrival, was very professional and knowledgable while doing the job. The other positive is they actually showed up on the day our appointment was scheduled!! We appreciate them and please don't hesitate to use me as a recommendation."

Kim S. / Oak Island, NC

"Lint Eviction cleaned out my dryer duct for the first time in 20 years, and I was stunned what came out. The duct was so clogged that it was practically blocked!!

Not only that, but whoever laid the tile covered up the lip of the vent so that the duct from the dryer to the floor was basically resting, and not attached to the metal ducting!

The technician fixed it all and now I’m saving time and money because the clothes dry that much faster.

And I can now leave the dryer going and not worry about a fire.

Thanks Lint Eviction!"

Bob Q. / St. James, NC

"I am a retired firefighter so I know intimately how dangerous a clogged dryer vent can be. Lint Eviction answered my call, showed up when they said they would, performed the cleanup just as promised at the quoted price. You couldn’t ask for more."

Jim M. / Oak Island, NC

"Absolutely 100% satisfied with the service and the professionalism of this company. You could tell they knew what they were doing... immediately!
It was amazing to see the lint and junk in the dryer lines that was removed from a dryer that was less than 2 years old. No wonder the dryer would not dry ...and they found that the dryer hose had a major tear/hole in the line. Explains why I had to run multiple drying cycles regardless of the size of the load. 
I loved that I was told everything that would be done and then was shown the results of their work. 
Looking forward to saving money on our electric bill and having peace of mind that the dryer is functioning safely and properly. 
Will be calling them every six months for general maintenance for sure. Thanks for a great service!"

Cheryl C. / Holden Beach, NC