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Our name says it all! At Lint Eviction® we offer brushless, full system, full length dryer duct lint removal. Here's how our process works and what you can expect upon hiring our services. 

System Interior

- Pull washer and dryer from wall and clean base boards, floors and machine backs.

-Remove dryer vent line and inspect for tears. Evict lint from disassembled dryer lint trap, dryers exhaust exit point and dryer vent line.

-Inspect laundry room duct line entry point, Evict lint from entry to first elbow in duct line.

-Re-Install clean vent line and inspect washer over flow piping to ensure it is properly secured in place to avoid water flood damage. 

-Set laundry room back up.


System Exterior

-Measure full duct line length

-Set up brushless system for complete duct line length eviction, inspect exhaust cover for wear, damage and proper air flow

-Evict lint from full duct line.

-Clean up debris when applicable. 

Note: We take before and after photos of the entire process. The photos are then presented to the homeowner. Any and all damaged parts found during our eviction process will be brought to the attention of the homeowner prior to replacement.


Due to strict scheduling practices, we have a 48hr appointment cancellation window. Any scheduled appointments canceled within that window will be subject to a cancellation fee.  



Lint filled or clogged duct lines will highly reduce the efficiency of your NEW DRYER SYSTEM. Read this short testimonial below for more information. 


“I recently hired Lint Eviction to come out and clean my complete dryer duct system. We had just purchased a new HP washer and dryer set from a big box store. Our thinking was our old system had run its course and this would speed up our process of washing clothes. Boy was I wrong. It was not until our duct line system was completely cleaned that our new dryer started working to its full capacity. Before (even with a new dryer) it was taking 8 cycles to dry 4 loads of laundry. Now, we can wash and dry 4 loads of laundry in 2.5 hours. My electric bill has gone down significantly each month, dust bunnies are at an all-time low and the mildew odor that once lingered in our laundry room is no longer present! I would highly recommend  Link Evictions' services prior to having a new dryer unit installed to ensure the most efficient functionality. I will be calling again next year.”

Josh S. // Oak Island, NC

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